Corporate Overview

GZ6G Technologies Corp - A smart solutions tech provider focused on developing and acquiring early stage wireless 5G/6G interactive communication technologies. Products include IPTV, digital displays, VR, AI, data analytics software and wireless security tools for Stadiums, Airports, Universities and Smart City Projects. Our Mission: create shareholder value by creating a family of wireless technology companies specializing in vertical markets that support subsidiary business units with necessary skill sets to deliver value added smart Solutions to partners and customers.

We strive to be one of the most innovative and trusted 5G, Wi-Fi 6 and beyond enterprise smart technology solutions providers globally, enabling enterprise technology and expertise consulting to build smarter cities and venues of the future.

The Company’s focus is on three distinct revenue streams:

  • Selling and installing equipment needed for venues to provide high-speed Wi-Fi connections
  • Maintaining the hardware needed to provide these connections
  • Selling advertising services to monetize these venues’ traffic.

Acquisition Strategy

As Smart City enterprise accounts need support, GZ6G Technologies plans to expand each GZ6G division through acquisitions in local markets. GZ6G will also leverage smart platforms, integrate products, seek capital support, and cross-sell to grow as a leader in the emerging smart technologies market.

Four Areas of Acquisition Interest

  • Wireless IT Managed Service companies
  • SaaS IoT Software Applications/Devices
  • Digital Marketing and Sponsor Agencies
  • Data Centers

Requirements for acquisition consideration:
a) demonstrated revenue b) niche product offerings c) established customers and talented leadership.